Welfare – myKakak


Like any employees in an organization, welfare is one of the motivator to keep employees motivated. In the home environment, employers have busy schedules and various commitments in their daily routines, thus the domestic helper’s welfare is over sight.
At myKakak, employers can count on us on the welfare of their Kakak –

Quarterly Outings

Happy Kakaks have good mental health and that means they work better with their employers. We believe that Kakaks should be given time off to enjoy themselves, refresh their soul and spirit, and simply have fun.

Happy Birthday!

When Kakaks are away from home, they need another place that they can call home. What better way to be part of this family than to celebrate birthdays with a community of fellow Kakaks. Though they are far away from home, they know they are not forgotten. Each Kakak gets a simple birthday present to remind them they are loved and valued.

Celebrating Working Anniversary

In Singapore, only about 50% of all FDWs worked more than 12 months with their employers even thou there are slight improvement to the retention statistic as of Jan, 2017. The dynamics of employer-FDW relationship is very complicated and for various reasons, one in two FDWs do not survive the first year. At myKakak, we felt we can do more to motivate by celebrating the success milestone of our Kakaks.
In recognition of our Kakaks’ successful in their work anniversary milestone, this is what we are committed to give:
Upon completion of 1st year of continuous service with the same employer, each Kakak will get $100 cash reward
Upon completion of 2nd year of continuous service with the same employer, each Kakak will get another $100 cash reward