Our Specialties – myKakak

Our Specialties

Domestic Helper (“Foreign Domestic Worker”)

Deployment of New FDW

myKakak assists 100% legal deployment of new FDW from Indonesia, Philipines and Myanmar from our oversea training centers. We set stringent screening procedures to further ensure that these FDWs meet the preliminary physical, mental and attitude requirements before we recommend to your for selection and hiring.

Deployment of Transfer FDW

Aside from application for a work permit for the transfer, myKakak also advise both employers on the formalities and co-ordinates documentation between the two employers.

Direct Hire of FDW

Direct hire is defined as an independent FDW who is not registered with any supplying agents of the Singapore employment agency. Most times, the direct hire FDW is known personally to the employer, or someone recommended by a friend or another FDW to the Singapore employer.
In such instance, myKakak provide services to apply for a work permit for the direct hire applicant, subject to myKakak’s terms and conditions. Such service includes communication with the direct hire FDW and guiding her through the application process, until her arrival in Singapore. Our direct hire service ensures the departing FDW complies fully with their countries’ employment requirements and at the same time, gives the Singapore employer peace of mind that the FDW will arrive timely and properly in Singapore.

Confinement Nanny

myKakak provide experience, qualified confinement nannies to assist you with your newborn baby.
We are parents too. Thus, we understand the importance of having the right nanny. Our confinement nannies are stringently screened. They boast of years of experience and are committed and responsible.
Differ from domestic helpers (“FDWs”), my Kakak’s confinement nannies are either local or malaysian nannies. They typically serve for 28 days. Their duties involve taking care of the baby day and night, bathing, feeding, wash and sterilize the milk bottles, change pampers. They also took care of the mothers’ nurients and well being – cook confinement food for the mother, prepare herbal bath for the mother, etc. Most importantly, ensure that the mother has ample good rest with a peace of mind that her baby is in good hands.
Additional duties such as cooking for the entire family, housework, marketing or taking care of older children can be discussed and arranged. This may involve extra charges depending on job scope.
Local transfer is defined as a private transfer of employment of a consenting FDW from one family member to another or between two employers, known to each other.

Caregiver To Elderly

To myKakak’s definition, caregiver is not any domestic helpers you deployed to take care of your home-well being and elderly care is limited to basics:
Caregiver is:
  • an experience caregiver who are extensively trained as nurses or nursing asides back in their home countries.
  • specialized and we will give additional training before deploying them to their patient
  • trained to deal with emergencies and to focus on the patient’s well being ; not your house holds.
Unfortunately in Singapore, we do not have a caregiver work permit yet. We will have to deployed experience nurses under Foreign Domestic Worker (“FDW”) work permit. myKakak’s caregivers’ scope of work as of below:
  • support the basic activities of patient’s daily life
  • support and monitor patient’s specific conditions
  • communication with medical staff
  • well-being plan: specific individual and social activities
  • execrise routine in accordance to patient’s specific condition