About Us – myKakak

About Us

My Kakak Employment Agency is a reliable maid agency that seeks first to fully understand the needs of employers, then to assess and match the capabilities of domestic helpers to them. We provide domestic helpers with pre-employment training, comprehensive orientation, and ongoing training during their two-years contract.
We believe that effective placement of domestic helpers to employers needs to go beyond a transactional relationship. We facilitate a more meaningful, trusting and fair relationship between employers and domestic helpers which will go a longer way.

Our Faith Statement

Domestic helpers are equally love by God. They are mothers, sisters and daughters who have given up the comfort and safety of their homes to work in Singapore in search of a better life for themselves and their families.
myKakak believes that employers can live harmoniously with their domestic helper by building a foundation upon G R A C E.
  • G – Gratitude
  • R – Respect
  • A – Accountable
  • C – Compassion
  • E – Engagement
We envision a home environment where employers embrace their domestic helpers as a part of the family, treating and respecting them like a sister (“Kakak”) – with dignity and fairness.
With a conducive environment, domestic helpers will take pride in contributing to the family and to employers whom they trust – they are motivated to maintain the home with integrity and to the best of their abilities such that employers can have peace of mind while being away from home.
Every home remembers a good domestic helper … myKakak.